A sTory Worth Telling

The Gift of Your Legacy Story for Future Generations

Bob Kanegis

Legacy Story Coach and Guide


Ever since I can remember, my friends and family have been asking me, “How is it that every time you go out of the house you come back with a story about someone you met?” The answer is quite simple. I’ve been blessed with an insatiable  curiosity about people and their lives.  I’m fortunate to have found a life path that resonates with my passions, talents and values- The Way of A Storyteller.  Here are a few of the stepping stones along that path that led me to Legacy Story work.

The years between 1970 and 1976 opened up a whole new world to me.  I hitchhiked to Alaska from the East Coast four times, sharing rides with everyone from bank presidents to bank robbers.  I worked with commercial fishermen, loggers, trail builders, and park rangers.  I kayaked 2100 miles down the Yukon River to the Bering Sea, stopping in every native village and fish camp along the way. I had the incredible opportunity to work for a short spell in a Pioneer home where I listened to first hand tales of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush and wrote letters home for 100+ year old native elders. 

What did this green kid fresh out of college learn from all this?  That everyone I met had a story to tell, that I could navigate and thrive in new and unfamiliar territories, and that I could relate to almost everyone I met along the way. 

As I told about my adventures to family and friends, people started calling me a storyteller. I liked how that sounded!  Better yet, I liked how it felt.  I started participating in story swaps, going to storytelling festivals, and taking workshops.  I  haunted the libraries like a hungry ghost, devouring collections of folktales, and mythology.  Eventually I took that first step and began telling stories “professionally.”

Along the way, I made one of the great discoveries of my life.  I got as much satisfaction and pleasure from hearing other people tell their stories and helping them to tell their stories as I did from performing. 

I began teaching storytelling to school age kids so that they could be the storytellers.  I worked with families (and still do) helping them see how telling family stories can improve communication and strengthen relationships.  I went into juvenile prisons, worked with pregnant teens, homeless families, farm worker families, using stories and personal narratives to look at the challenges and choices that life offers.  I’ve brought a storytellers perspective and sensibility to non-profit and corporate organizations who need to strengthen leadership, increase employee engagement and communicate their core stories.

It took 40 years immersed in story, to come to the place where I feel inspired, capable  and confident to authentically offer myself as a story coach and guide for people who understand just how important it is to harvest and share the wealth of their experiences.

I’d like to close with a quote that has become more and more meaningful to me over the years.  It’s from Ernest Thompson Seton, the great naturalist and founder of the Wood Craft league.

When you have found a trail you are thereby ordained a guide: When you have won a kingdom, you must give it away or lose it."   

I offer myself as your guide on the Story Trail, and remind you that you too are a guide when you give the gift of your most important stories to the people you love and who love you.

Bob Kanegis




Meet Bob Kanegis - Your Story Coach and Guide