A Story Worth Telling

The Gift of Your Legacy Story for Future Generations

Bob Kanegis

Legacy Story Coach and Guide


Individual Story Coaching

Coaching sessions are conducted in person or by telephone.  This allows us to work together wherever you are.


Getting Started...

We’ll begin with your 30 minute complementary session.  We’ll get acquainted and I’ll answer any questions you may have. We’ll discuss options for presentation formats, and talk about how you need to manage your time and schedule, so that this process can not only be successful but also energizing and fun.  

Without any obligation on your part I’ll direct you to a few key resources, and offer you  some of my favorite story prompts that I guarantee will help you get your story juices flowing.

A Guided Conversation and Creative Partnership...

Here’s what makes story coaching so effective in creating deep and meaningful legacy documents.

Our sessions will hinge on a balance of structure and spontaneity.  You don’t need a story coach to follow a template, go down a list of questions, or fill in a form.  People do this and can achieve decent results.  But you want more than that. Your legacy story will be one of the greatest gifts you’ve ever given yourself and others. Give it all it is due!  As your story coach I will help you get to the heart and soul of your story and then help you craft and tell it in a way so that you’ll say, “Yes, that’s me! This is who I am, this is how I want to be remembered.”

Your Legacy Gift can be written and/or recorded in audio  video formats.   Once you’ve gone through the process of getting to that heart and soul of your story you can decide the form it will take.  It can be as simple as a typed letter on archival paper, or a full blown studio quality video production. 



Spend a lively and heart-full day with a select group of people in an encouraging and supportive setting, and leave with a simple Legacy Document in hand.

You’ve never spent a day quite like this before! Individually and in small groups we’ll work through a series of guided exercises, take time for silent reflection, tell and listen to stories, and  leave plenty of time for spontaneous fun. Experience the sense of belonging and making a contribution that comes with being with people like yourself who have committed to passing on the wealth of their life experience for the benefit and guidance of the next generations. You will actually be putting into practice what Jonas Salk encouraged us all to do when he said...

“Our most important work is to become good ancestors.”

Upcoming Workshops

Feb 2, 2013 - Albuquerque NM

May 11th- Albuquerque NM

October 7-13th 2003- Abiqui, NM

TBA-September 2013 - Bay Area CA

For details please call or email.



“The best way to squeeze the wine out of good fortune

is to dance on it with ready feet.”  Irish proverb