A Story Worth Telling

The Gift of Your Legacy Story for Future Generations

Bob Kanegis

Legacy Story Coach and Guide 


Everyone has a story worth telling!

Celebrate Your Life and Leave a Legacy

When you capture and share your most important life stories you give a gift to yourself, to the people you love, and the people who love you.

There is nothing more valuable that you can pass on to future generations than your story- the essence of who you are, what matters to you, what you’ve learned along the way, what you value deeply and your hopes and dreams for the future.  In short, the hard earned wisdom you’ve gathered over a lifetime.

Live and Tell! -Create a Legacy Document or audio/video recording.

By committing to review and share parts of your life story through a legacy document or recording you demonstrate to those you love and care about how precious life and learning is.  You affirm your own life and bless those who you share your thoughts and feelings with.

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

My Legacy Story - When is the right time?  Who is it for?

People create a legacy statement at many stages of their life journey, most typically in their last third of life.  But many people also create this gift for a new spouse, when their children are born, or even as the grown children of aging parents as a thank you and reflection on the life that they were given.

Your Story Coach and Guide

Ever since I can remember,  my friends and family have been asking me, “How is it that every time you go out of the house you come back with a great story about someone you meet?”  The answer is quite simple, I’ve been blessed with an insatiable curiosity about people and their lives...

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Why Work with a Story Coach?

Creating a legacy document is something that given enough time and motivation, almost everyone is capable of doing on their own. But working with someone who “knows the territory,” can help you get started, stay on track, and encourage and support you until you get the result you want.  A coach steeped in story who is a great listener, asks good questions, and  helps you make connections, can draw you out, and reflect back to you in a way that helps you see things you might have missed.  And as someone well versed on story structure and language a story coach will help you find the best way to powerfully communicate your authentic voice.  

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Call or email and I will take the time to answer all your questions and help you decide if the time is right and I’m the right coach and guide for you. You can also schedule a complementary 30 minute session. There is never a hint of obligation or pressure.

“If you don’t know the trees you may become lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may become lost in life.”

(Siberian Elder)

is approaching .What better time to give yourself and your loved ones the gift of your Legacy Story?   Or consider giving the gift of sessions or workshops with the Legacy Coach to a friend  or family member

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