Discover the stories of your life.


 Life Story Writing 

Uncover the beauty of legacy writing, where words and photos breathe life into stories! Sharing stories, values, and family history connects generations. It's more than just facts on a family tree; it's about crafting a meaningful narrative. Whether you prefer a guided small group workshop or personalized one-on-one coaching, capturing your legacy, story by story, is easy and rewarding. You will preserve your cherished memories and life lessons to inspire others.


Legacy Letters/Ethical Wills

Legacy letters originated thousands of years ago and continue today as a way to share values, wisdom, life lessons, and blessings with loved ones and future generations. They may be written to individuals or one letter to an entire family. They may be one page or several. According to author Rachael Freed, a Legacy Letter helps meet our need to belong, be known, be remembered, have our lives make a difference, be blessed, and bless and celebrate life. 

"Stories are essential to our understanding of human life. They help us make sense of the narrative of our own lives."
~Marjorie Thompson