Discover the stories of your life.


Legacy Life Story Writing and Legacy Letters

Whether you want to leave a legacy, gain perspective on a life transition, or start your memoir, life story legacy writing is the perfect start to your journey. Cheryl's Legacy Coaching utilizes Dr. Birren's method called Guided Autobiography. This is a creative, well-researched approach to writing, sharing, and preserving your memories and personal stories. You can join a small group workshop or request individual legacy writing services. Legacy Letter Writing is a simple but meaningful letter that conveys your greatest treasures of faith, values, personal stories, traditions, and closes with a blessing.



Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that repairs broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer. An object's brokenness and imperfections aren't something to hide but to be celebrated as part of its history and beauty. Kintsugi is a metaphor for God's love and grace in our lives. The workshop is 3-hours in a small, supportive group where you will reflect on God's healing work in your life and experience Kintsugi's physical art and profound metaphors step-by-step. 

"Stories are essential to our understanding of human life. They help us make sense of the narrative of our own lives."
~Marjorie Thompson