Cheryl Dalton



I am a seasoned life story gatherer certified as a Guided Autobiography Instructor from the Birren Institute of Autobiographical Studies. My journey began after a 45-year nursing career, igniting my passion for life story writing. I firmly believe that everyone possesses a unique and compelling narrative.


I am also a family historian. I have researched and written stories of my ancestors for the past twenty-five years. This quest began in graduate school, where I was assigned to create a three-generational family tree (genogram). I found that I could not get past the first branch. My parents were deceased and had never shared stories of their pasts. This began my quest to discover my family roots. I have found the fantastic tales of my grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents. I have included their stories, historical photographs, and documents in the book A Woven Tapestry: The Steinke-Cychol Legacy. I tell creative narrative accounts of their lives at family gatherings.


Storytelling has been my passion throughout my professional career. I am excited to have discovered Guided Autobiography to continue my passion, helping others realize the unique power their stories hold for their loved ones.




Doctor of Nursing Practice- Case Western Reserve University 2006
Master’s of Science in Nursing- Old Dominion University 1995
Certified Nurse Educator- 2020
Diploma in Global and Public Health INMED 2018
Certified Guided Autobiography 2022