A Tease of Spring


Early this morning, as I drove my granddaughter to work, we were confronted with a spectacular sunrise. The morning temperature was cool, not frigid. There was no frost or ice on my windshield. Could this be the first taste of early spring? Wait, no, we still have most of February and March to endure. Rather than a taste of spring, this is more like a tease from winter.


Winter, my least favorite season, is, paradoxically, one of my most productive times for writing, studying,, and learning. I tend to hibernate when it is cold outside. I stay inside, sipping hot tea, coffee, or red wine, while I read books and snuggle under a soft blanket while enjoying a fire in the fireplace. This winter has been no exception. After returning from a fantastic trip to Florida with my siblings, nephews, and granddaughter, we all came down with COVID-19, which is now more like a bad cold, but it hit pretty hard. Being sick is a great excuse to hibernate. I have struggled to get back on my feet, remaining in a state of torpor or lethargy. To counter this state, I wrote down what I have accomplished thus far in winter to convince myself that I have not been in complete hibernation. Here is my list:


1. Books I have read (devoured)

    a. The Healing Power of Story by Annie Brewster, M.D.

    b.  Story Worthy: Engage, Persuade, and Change Your Life through the Power of Storytelling, by Mathew Hicks

    c.  Big Magic: Creative Living by Elizabeth Gilbert (a favorite author and podcaster)


    Each book has been incredible, appropriately highlighted, and underlined with notes in the margins!


Classes and educational pursuits:

    a. Completed a course for facilitating Legacy letter-writing workshops

    b. Revised and printed workbooks for my 5-week Guided Autobiography workshops (A and B)

    c. I have received coaching to learn and use a self-publishing program, Bookwright/Blurb. I may be older,  and technology may take         me

        longer to achieve mastery, but I am persistent beyond measure!

    d. I am finishing a book project: 'Journeys of Courage and Resilience.' This book is an anthology of personal stories from my ESL              students who courageously left their homelands to begin a new life in America. The book has about 15 personal stories written            in English and in their native languages, along with memorable photos they want to share. Collecting stories for this book has                been a project I have been working on for six months.

    e. Canva: I spend too much time on this creative program, designing book covers, flyers, brochures, and business cards.  I even

        have them printed; they sit happily on my desk. I need more courage to market my business and get out into the community

        with flyers and brochures for my Legacy writing business. Perhaps in the spring!

    f. Springfield Writers' Guild: I joined and attended the January meeting, hoping to find some community among writers. It was

       informative, and I enjoyed being out of hibernation for a couple of hours.


As winter gently teases me with the start of spring, I am thankful for so much. The little things each day which dazzle me. A

spectacular sunrise or sunset, the tiny green tips of daffodils and tulips starting to break through the dirt. I am thankful for the 

love of family and dear friends and for all the surprises that come our way having our 17-year-old granddaughter living with us. 


I do not regret some hibernation in the cold. A dear friend and mentor from years ago once told me, "Cheryl, it is in winter when the trees are bare that we can see the farthest." For me, this is true. Winter is a time of reflection and personal growth. Whether spring is 

right around the corner or weeks away. It is all about perspective.


As you reflect on winter, consider writing your personal life stories. I can help coach you, whether you want to write legacy letters to those you love or honor or begin writing your life stories, two pages at a time. We all have stories to write and share, passing on a legacy to others.