Weekly meetings: You will join a small group (not more than 6) that meets weekly for two-hour sessions over five weeks (for part one and part two). For individual legacy writing, we will meet together for the weekly sessions.


Creative encouragement:  Each session includes activities stimulating creativity and stirring memories.


Two-page stories, written at home: You will write two pages each week on life themes that bring memories into the light. Each theme is presented with prompts to help focus your writing. If you are doing individual legacy storytelling and cannot write, an audio recording with transcription is available.


Sharing stories: Each group class allows time for participants to read their stories, which leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of events in one's life and creates meaningful connections with others in the group.


Guided autobiography writing was developed by renowned gerontologist Dr. James E. Birren forty years ago. His method has a firm foundation of research, theory, and practice.




  • Preserving memories and life lessons
  • Emotional catharsis: a sense of closure and emotional release
  • Creates connections with others
  • Leave a legacy ensuring your values, beliefs, and experiences continue to impact others
  • Healing and empowerment
  • Passing down family traditions and customs
  • Honoring loved ones who have been significant in your life
  • Celebrating accomplishments