• Legacy Letter Workshop: A two hour group workshop- you will learn principles and techniques for letter writing through interactive practice and real examples 

           Cost: $25 per participant


  • Weekly group meetings. Five-week, small group life story writing workshops (Part A and B). Each week, you will meet for 2 hours (Zoom or in-person) to learn about and share writing your stories. Cost: $150 for the five-week sessions. 


  • Two-page stories, written at home. During the 5-week workshops, you will write two pages each week on life themes.  Each theme has priming questions or prompts to help focus your writing and weekly tips on creative writing.
  • Sharing stories. Each class allows time for all participants to  read their stories.
  • A certified GAB instructor and Legacy Letter Writing Facilitator facilitate workshops.

  • Oral history recordings and transcription: Meet individually to record and transcribe your stories using ten themes for a personal legacy book. Cost: $500.