• Introductory class. A free one-hour introductory class is offered before the workshop, where you will learn about Guided Autobiography and will practice writing and sharing a short story.


  • Weekly group meetings. You will join a small group that meets weekly, usually in two-hour sessions over 5-weeks


  • Individual legacy writing services 


  • Two-page stories, written at home. You will write two pages each week on life themes that bring memories into the light to share with family and friends. Each theme has priming questions or prompts to help focus your writing.
  • Sharing stories. Each class allows time for all participants to read their stories, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of events in one's life and meaningful connections with others in the group.
  • Course facilitated by certified GAB instructor
  • The cost for the 5-week workshop is $150 per 5-week session
  • Individual one-on-one legacy story writing with 10 themes: $400